About Us

In 2007, Sylviane Allard started a Montessori school at the United Church located at 1600 Cliff Avenue in Burnaby, B.C. She leased the hall of the church and, with a co-teacher from a previous location, welcomed children for the whole year.

The following year, the building next door became available and a great adventure began.

For the last 10 years, the school has grown from a preschool to a group childcare facility, allowing more children to enjoy Summerhill and for a longer period of time.

What is Montessori

(Developed by Maria Montessori)

The educational method she created is founded on the idea that children are naturally curious, independent and want to learn everything about their world.

Essential elements of Montessori education

Individualized learning

Children develop according to an inner timetable. New concepts are introduced to your child when she shows interest and readiness – your child will be challenged according to ability, rather than age-based standards.

Children learn by doing

The children work hands-on, with beautiful learning materials specifically designed to facilitate a deep understanding of abstract concepts and essential life skills.

Children are independent

Children have a natural drive to be independent. Montessori classrooms are designed to encourage this process for your child.

Carefully prepared environment

Montessori teachers spend considerable time creating a classroom environment to meet child’s needs. Materials are cleaned daily. Beautiful artwork, plants and animals create a warm, inviting environment in which your child will love to learn.

Real community of children

Kindness and respect for others are modeled by the teachers, with grace and courtesy lessons for all the children.

Freedom within limits

Children are introduced to a broad curriculum but given the freedom to pursue their own interests while making responsible choices.